Code The Future

Learning Summit

A webinar series for discussing how to elevate Computer Science across Scottish schools, and sharing classroom teaching best practices.


Keynote Presentations

The goal of the event is to explore the high level policy required to grow Computer Science adoption, and also to provide a forum for teachers to share their own real-world practices.

Exploring the modernity of the CS curriculum, and how it compares to current working practices.

Rountable Discussions

Thought provoking, participative panel sessions.

Exploring The Role of Esports in Education

Schools like Alva Academy are trailblazing the role of Esports as a catalyst for greater involvement in technology. How might other schools replicate their program?

‘Replit Recipes’ are template code samples created by other teachers that you can use for your own class, a great example of the key theme of the webinar series – To share best practices by teachers for teachers. 

Scotland’s gaming industry has grown to become a global powerhouse. Is there opportunity to develop a fast-track pathway from coding in schools to a career in the sector to boost CS enrollment?




Virtual Conference and Networking

The summit is delivered via a virtual venue that allows you to move freely across multiple sessions, join a networking lounge to meet other attendees, and check out vendor exhibition booths.

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