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You can submit different types of articles:

  • Keynote Feature – An article for inspiring others to join in the coding revolution, like the article about Chris van der Kuyl.
  • Policy – Discussion of Scottish education policy and how it might be improved to address the Computer Science crisis.
  • Career – Share insights about how to begin and develop your career within coding, showcase your company and how you recruit software developers or highlight support programs for those wishing to enter the industry.
  • School Showcase – A particularly inspiring form of content is to share the practices you are using at your school to better engage students into computing.
  • Tutorial – The backbone of our content, educational articles that can be generally informative, covering topics from EdTech through Cryptology, and also intended as specific ‘Coding Recipes’ for the reader to copy and implement directly. There are Formatting Codes you can use to create nicely structured content. Check out this example: How to Create a Web Scraper with Python.

Articles are ideally accompanied by a video, add the URL in the Video Link field, and also be sure to add your biography including social links like your Twitter username, so we can reference you when we promote the article.

Note: As this is a web-based form it is subject to possible errors, such as a lack of Internet connection or web server problems at the time of submission, meaning all your content would be lost forever. Therefore it is recommended not to write the original article here, but do so offline where it can be saved safely, and then pasted here when ready.


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