Python Tutorial for Absolute Beginners #1 – What Are Variables?

Learn Python programming with this Python tutorial for beginners!

Learn Python with YK, Former Google Software Developer.

Download the sample files here to follow along (they are Jupyter Notebook files).

0:00 : Introduction
0:17 : Who’s this tutorial for?
0:30 : An outline of this video
1:18 : What is Python and what can you do with it?
2:01 : What is IDE and why I chose Jupyter Notebook
3:09 : How Jupyter Notebook works
4:19 : How to install Python and Jupyter (through Anaconda)
5:58 : Launching Jupyter
7:59 : The print() function
10:24 : Introduction to variables
13:08 : What are variables (in Python)?
16:42 : Assigning a variable to another variable
19:03 : A practice problem – swapping two variables
20:40 : Solutions to the practice problem – swapping two variables

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