The primary role of the projects team is to define the ‘Curriculum’ for the site. This will be implemented through site content and also webinar workshops.

Obviously the goal isn’t to replace the existing courseware or work of teachers, but rather augment it and direct it towards our core objective: Increase awareness and uptake of Computer Science across the nation.

This can include content that showcases topics from the existing SQA Computing agenda, and in a form that is ideal for attracting those not yet on the computing learning journey, covering topics ranging from an Introduction to Python through to Game Development and Robotics. Content tools include:

From Kids to Careers

Our goal is a Computer Science curriculum that spans ‘From Kids to Careers’, covering topics from beginner programming through the most modern of enterprise technologies and practices, like Cloud and Low Code.

The headline objective is to define an overall learning journey that spans from the earliest years right through university and workplace skills, so that students can easily identify where they are currently, visualize their ideal end result and take the steps needed to get from here to there.

Gamified Pathways

This approach provides an ideal framework for industry and academic collaboration, where each participant can contribute a component part of the overall journey, and will be further combined with Gamification features, so that there is a fun incentive to complete each step.

Gamification rewards small accomplishments with digital badges and complete courses with digital certificates.

This modular approach offers the potential for modernizing the fundamental model of Education, notably avoiding the one-off, high stress single exam, in favour of a process of continuous assessment and feedback. Implementing this for Computer Science can therefore act as a path-finding exemplar for the whole Education system.

Most importantly, it’s fun!


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