Teaching Computer Science with Noteable and PRIMM

CS teacher Gareth Rae of Girvan Academy explains how they combine Noteable and PRIMM to teach Computer Science.

Noteable is a cloud-based computational notebook service which works in your browser from any device, so you can easily create and share engaging coding lessons.

Developed by EDINA at the University of Edinburgh, Noteable hosts your computational notebooks in one simple online hub. It’s built from the powerful Project Jupyter, and can integrate with your VLE.

It is freely available via the Glow learning environment, with unlimited use and access for teachers to leverage in the classroom in any Scottish school with Glow access.

This was achieved through a partnership between the University of Edinburgh and Education Scotland with funding made available to run a number of ‘free at the point of delivery’ training sessions & learning resources designed for schools to learn how to optimize Noteable for Data / computer science teaching and learning.

The aim here is to prevent schools having to pay extra money to get access to a browser based coding environment and make it easy for teachers and students to start coding seamlessly whether they are at home or in school.

It is in use across 71 schools and 18 local authorities, with 13 schools using it to run python courses.

Girvan Academy

As the feature video highlights users include Girvan Academy, and they utilize it in conjunction with PRIMM to achieve a structured approach for teaching Computer Science.

Teacher Gareth Rae says what he found very useful was how it makes use of the Jupyter notebooks to output code combined with explanatory text and media, so that it is more like an interactive textbook.

Also the integration with Glow and Github are key features, and the ability to assign tasks and perform assessments. They teach Python from S3 through to advanced Highers, so these tasks can get progressively harder.

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