Digital Skills for a Digital Nation is published by Digital Scotland. Our mission is to build a world leading Scottish digital nation.

Computer Science in Crisis

However the foundation skill central to this ambition, Computer Science, is in chronic decline. The teaching of the core computing skills required is ‘in crisis‘, with enrollment and staff numbers collapsing. Professor Bill Buchanan describes how Computer Science is “crashing” out of the curriculum.

As the DTEC Charter explains there has been a dramatic decline, from 28,000 pupils selecting Computer Science in 2001, to just 9,800 in 2020.

This site was inspired by the tireless work of the DTEC team to raise awareness of the CS challenge in Scotland and encourage Scotland’s tech industry to work together to address it. We’re a proud signatory, you too can sign up here.

There really isn’t a more stark contrast between our ambition to build a world leading digital nation, and our actual progress towards that goal.

Coding the Future – A Coding Club in Every School

Therefore the mission of is to explore how this decline might be reversed, examining both local and international best practices tackling the challenge, and openly sharing these via expert articles and webinars so that they might be replicated across Scotland.

Another keynote inspiration for the site is the North Ayrshire Coding the Future initiative. This offers a prime example of the type of best practices to share and also defines the headline goal: A Coding Club in Every School.

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